Tuesday, October 4, 2011


To us
What rain is
For the hungry plants
That can’t live without your presence!
The one
Who can free
Us once and for all
From ever exploiting Chinese!
The one
We have been
Waiting days and nights
To see our long ailing TIBET!
You are
You are none
Other than the one
Very holy word called FREEDOM!
Published May 2006

Yours Choking mother, Tibet

Yours choking mother, TIBET
Beloved sons and daughters,
Grand sons and daughters
Come this mail to remind you Ooh..Uhh..
I remember and miss you all
My health is detrorating , Ohh..Uhh..
From the environment dilapidated
Tired and exhausted
Being sucked my best
By my invincible uninvited guest.
For 47 years
Have I been seeing my
Own kids suffering and dying silently
These UGs kill me softly
whatever I have,they snatched slyly
Oh! God!Why?
Is there a word “limit”?, I
And My kids suffer in
My own home! What an irony!
For how long!
For how long!
Do I have to suffer
For no fault of mine so far!
Well, How are my grand children
Hope they’ve not me,forgotten..
Let them not, not at all,
I see a beacon on them all,
Let them not be pampered too much,
For they may become weak couch
And I don’t want my kids
Weak and useless seeds!
Let each be a seasoned wood
Tough,talented,deligent and good.
Instill in them the will to
drink the entire ocean too.
Let each be a grand light,
showing others paths, right .
Let each be a doctor, dentist,
an architect,an engineer and a scientist,
For they are the future
For they are the builders
For they are the heirs
For they are the magic spell
To kick my uninvited guest completely,
Who have been killing me softly.
again and again,
Remind them my pain.
Let them not be lulled,
By the wind of change,
Let each be a mighty mount,
That resists in large amount.
In each there is a hearth
Before it goes out with earth,
Blow it for long,
Until it burns into strong
undying flame!
Till then, be united and
Ever willing to stand
And help one another, for
You all are made fine,
>From each blood of mine.
Let each’s cry be other’s cry,
Let each’s joy be other’s joy!
Lastly but not the least
Remember that your mom exists
and is still alive at last
See you soon and fast
Yours (coughs) choking mother, TIBET.

Tiger or a Lamb

Tiger or a Lamb

Wednesday 26 December 2007by Tenzin Dhargyal
Tiger of a Lamb
Sometimes I see, I hear, I know
My country men laying their lives
For our common cause.
It shudders my entire soul
Like the pop corns in the oven
It touches me so strong that
Deep within me cries, "Rise Up!"
Sometimes I see, I hear, I know
My country men struggling their lives
For their private cause
It knocks out my entire limbs
Like the Popeye without spinach
It dismay me so strong that
Deep within me cries, "Leave it!"
Sometimes I see, I hear, I hear
My, your ageds counting their days
For their final Go
It wakes up my beaten soul
As if spring comes to wake up the plants
It energizes me so much that
Deep within me cries, "I Must!"
Am I am a drifter? Yes! I Was, I am
but will I be and will you be? Remember
A tiger and a lamb reside in every one
Only a driving force is needed
Is it not high time to wake up
The tiger within us before it extincts?
January 2007

Monday, September 12, 2011

one important person in my life

The sun comes everyday like there is no end
it brings light to everyone
it brings love and shares love
it brings happiness everywhere.

One day the sun is no more
No more lights to everyone
No more love and life
no more happiness everywhere.

Its gone
Its gone forever

Monday, April 25, 2011

Remembering Gedun CHoekyi Nyima

Gedun Choekyi Nyima
TCV School,Suja 25th April: A group of students presented paintings, essays and talk during the morning assembly, a morning gathering consisting or around few hundred people both staff and students, to celebrate the 22nd birthday of Gendun Choekyi Nyima.There was one minute mourning to show our solidarity and support for the 11th Panchen Lama, Gedun Choekyi Nyima. After that, they read the results of the Painting and the essay competition done few days back on Panchen Lama. Later, the paintings and the essays were displayed outside for the students to see.

Painting Display
Essay by the students on Panchen Rinpoche
Gedun Choekyi Nyima, the boy who was recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the reincarnation of the late 10th Panchen lama is turning 22 years today. He along with his family members has been arrested by the Chinese Government since May 1995. The Chinese has meddled with the religion especially in the century old tradition of selecting the reincarnation of high Lamas. By abducting the young Panchen Lama, they had violated the basic human rights. Not only that, they had appointed their own Panchen Lama.
Painting Display
Gedun choekyi Nyima was born on 25th April 1980 in Lhari county in Tibet. Its been 16 years since he was in the Chinese custody and nothing was heard about him, who has been revered by the Tibetans. He is the world's youngest political prisoner.

Essays by students
Every year, the Tibetans everywhere celebrate his birthday by holding candlelight vigils, signature campaigns, hunger strike etc. Here in the school, the program began with the offering of the scarf on the photo of Gedun Choekyi Nyima. And one by one, the students started their talk starting from the Panchen Lama lineage, the great work and sacrifice by the late 10th Panchen Lama and finally the 11th Panchen Lama, who has turned 22 today.
A presentation in session
The above group of students finally requested the gathering to remember the work and sacrifices of the late 10th Panchen Rinpoche and to do something for the release of Gedun Choekyi Nyima and to bring awareness in the Tibetan community.

Tenzin Dhargyal

Students doing presentation

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TCV Suja Celebrates 25th Anniversary

His Holiness Karma pa enjoying the cultural presentation
6th April 2011: Few thousand people comprising of staff and students of TCV School Suja gathered in front of the newly constructed open stage to celebrate the school's 25th founding anniversary. Among those who made their valuable present were the main chief guest, His Holiness Karmapa, who had been been given a warm welcome a day in advance. Other dignitaries present were the Honorable Education Minister, Mr. Thupten Lungri la, The secretary Ven Yuthok, the Director of TCV schools, Mr. Tsewang Yeshi la, the Representatives of the Tibetan settlements, the Directors and Principals of TCV schools, and Sambhota schools, the TCV head office, the local Indian dignitaries and the local Tibetan people. Other than that were a group of ex-TCV Suja students and staff members, who had been given a very special invitation for this special anniversary.
The guest enjoying the exhibition in Phuntsok Deshi Hall
The guest enjoying the exhibition in Phuntsok Deshi Hall
The Magazine published by Ex TCV School Suja
Cultural Presentation by Suja Students
The celebration began with the singing of the Tibetan and Indian national anthem followed by the welcome and introductory speech of the Director, Mr. Ngodup Wangdue la. He went down the memory lane and gave a clear picture of the over all history of the school in few minutes. He thanked His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Ama Jetsun Pema la, our sponsors  and former and present staff members for their help in taking TCV Suja where it stands now. After the speech, there were a couple of award ceremony. First of all, His Holiness Karmapa gave the certificate and souvenir to the staff who have completed their 25 years of service. Next, the ex-students of TCV Suja everywhere have arranged one present for those staff members who have the maximum service years. Mr. Thupten Lungrig gave away the awards. The school didn't miss the chance of thanking the two students who had recently covered  nearly 2000 kms on their bicycle in protest against the recent destruction of Tibetan Language in Tibet. After that, Karmapa unveiled the Tri-language Magazine "  Katrin Che Mayum Suja Bhoekhim"published by the ex Sujian. The magazine carried articles by ex students of Suja. As a part of the celebration, sweet rice " Daysi" and tea was served in between. There were then a couple of speeches including that of Mr.Tsewang Yeshi la, who briefly discussed the history of the school and Mr. Thupten Lungri la, who requested the students to develop good character along with the education. Both of them congratulated the school for having successfully reached its 25 years of service for the education of the young Tibetans. After that, His Holiness Karmapa blessed the gathering with his speech extending his sincere heartfelt thanks to all who have made this school reach its 25th year. He requested everybody to learn new language apart from Tibetan. At that point he also shared one anecdote/story of  two mice, mother and her daughter, who were always harassed by a cat. Fed up with such fear, one day the mother mouse told her daughter to learn the language of the dogs. So, the mouse learnt the language of the dogs and finally she could produce bark like the dogs. So, one day the cat came as usual to bully the mouse but this time the mouse just barked like dogs. The cat thought that a dog had come and he just ran away. Since then on wards they were free from the fear of the cat. This story  showed the importance of learning a new language.The story Karmapa shared not only had so much meaning but so aptly used that the whole gathering had a difficult time controlling their laugh.
After His speech, there was demonstration of  philosophy debate ( Dialectic )followed by various cultural presentations, including song and dances from various parts of Tibet. The school itself had been known for ages for the quality of song and dance it produced.Everybody gathered there irrespective of their ages had a wonderful time enjoying various cultural presentations. Thus the main morning function came to an end with the singing of the school song " Khenpai Yeshi".
Dialetic Demonstration by TCV Suja ( Tsenyi )
Then the guest were taken for lunch, which was prepared by the students of Food and Beverages, TCV Dehradun. Both the ex suja staff and students took that break to exchange some greetings and interact with one another. It was one of the most wonderful gathering in the history of this school, where a large number of ex students and staff members get to see one another after so many years. There were smiles on everyone's face and song in everyone's heart. It was also an emotional motion when the school has seen her students submerged in various vocations. And it was also a time for the future students to see the love and respect the ex Sujians have for their Alma mater.
The guests were taken for lunch. After the lunch a grand exhibition was arranged in the school hall " Phuntsok Deshi". After that a basketball match between Ex Suja and school team was arranged. Large number of staff and students had assembled to cheer up both the teams.
After that a football match between the staff and ex Suja was arranged. Same number of spectators had come to cheer up the teams. There were so many reactions from the ex students as they played on the school ground after so many years. To beat the chill wind, hot soup was served for the players as well as the guests.
In the evening, Tibetan Department had arranged one Elocution, quiz and Tibetan repertoire. The program was attended by Karmapa, who stayed fully enjoyed till the end, irrespective of the bad and rather cold weather. In between the program, there was a slide show presentation of SUJA, depicting the daily routine of the students. The program lasted little more than an hour. In the end, His Holiness Karma gave away the certificates and prizes for all those participated in that event and the program finally came to an end, and everybody made their way home humming the one and the only song, Thundrel Gi, which was played loudly.
Tenzin Dhargyal

Sunday, December 19, 2010

UNI, a Home away from Home

UNI, a Home away from Home
My long awaited dream of visiting USA and studying in a new environment came true when I got one year Tibet Fund scholarship last year in 2009. The moment I got the news that I would be soon flying to America and studying at University of Northern Iowa, where one of my former colleague got her Doctorate degree, I thank God and share this wonderful news to my wife, daughters and my family members. Their joy found no bond. They all congratulated me and for a moment, I could not believe that good news.
I know about America only through movies and through people who came from America. They all gave me a picture of a place of busy people, busy traffic, tall buildings, lots of freedom etc. In fact, there isn’t anyone here who does not want to go to America. Everybody wants to be there in USA.
Well so on 31st December 2009, the day after my 11th wedding anniversary, all my family members came to the airport to see off me. It was my first time I was leaving my family for a whole year. The fact that I was going there for a year in absence of my dear wife and my three little daughters, made me sob. Tears were coming out automatically.
I gave all of them hug and went inside the immigration counter. I produced my IC( Identity Certificate), since I am a refugee and I don’t have Passport. The person at the gate took my IC and didn’t let me go. He just kept me while he let others who were coming after me go. At that point, I really felt heartbroken not to have an Independent country. After discussing something with the official at the airport, he finally let me go in. I was so relieved. I thought he would not let me go at all. Thank God that didn’t happen.
I landed on JFK airport on 1st January 2010. The co-coordinator of the Tibet Fund had come to fetch me. While driving from the airport to Manhattan, where I was supposed to be staying for three days, I was shocked to see cars zooming here and there but without a single sound of honk! What more surprised me was the absence of single person walking on the road. Back in my place, there used to have lots of noise from the vehicles and people walking here and there on the road. Well I stayed in hotel Pennsylvania at Manhattan, one of the famous place in New York.
On 4th January, I flew here in Iowa. The plane landed me at Cedar Rapids airport. I was received by the co-coordinator of the International students’ Office. It was night, snow everywhere but despite that my car was going at a speed of almost hundreds! Back in my place, if there would be a little snow, all the vehicular movement will be stopped, may be because it’s a hilly area. Anyway, the journey from Cedar Rapids to my university took almost an hour and throughout the journey I was just praying for God. There was snow on the either sides and I was worrying our car might slip and a big full stop might come in my life here in a foreign country.
I reached my dormitory and it was Barlett. I even remember having difficult pronouncing the name of the dorm. I was put in one room and felt asleep wondering about everything. The next morning, I got up and found snow everywhere. All the snow on the roads and pavements were shoveled right from the early morning. I went and stroll around the campus. I fell in love with the campus. For few days, I really had difficult time adjusting with the jet lag, new environment, cold weather and the fact that I was very far from my family. But gradually I got used to.
Now it’s almost a year since I have been studying here. I learnt a whole lot of new things from this University. The university is very good and a perfect place to study. It is not very close to big towns and cities, the facility at the university is also good. The food at the two dinning centers were good in a sense you can try any kind of food there. Even when the dinning centers are closed other cafes and eateries are available with nutritious food. There are so many faculty members who are always there to help. The students here are also very friendly and ready to help when sought help from them. The local community people are also good and humble. They have a very high degree of love for the University. Everybody, be it child or adult used to wear the purple and yellow attire with words “ Panthers or UNI”.Apart from the physical structures and facilities, the University has a wide variety of course, particularly the university is well know in the mid west for its Education courses and I am lucky to be one of the students of Education Department. There are also so many organizations and different activities are arranged by these organizations. There isn’t any way one could feel bored in this big University campus. I have witnessed activities throughout the year. Beside my, there are six other Tibetan students here at UNI and thus we formed our own Tibetan Organization UNITS ( University of Northern Iowa Tibetan Students).
One of the most important reason why I enjoyed my stay here at the University of Northern Iowa was the fact that the university invited His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Right from the beginning of the year, the Dalai Lama committee and the university had been doing lots of things in and around campus to bring awareness about Dalai Lama and the Tibetan culture. I participated in all the activities hosted here and there. Even though, we Tibetans don’t have Independent country, the university has looked at us as like any other students of Independent countries. I also got lots of opportunities to tell about Tibet and to share and display the culture of my country.
On 18th May 2010, His Holiness visited the university and the organizer had arranged a special audience for the Tibetan students with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  They had also arranged one photographer to take pictures of us one by one. And that day was one of the most memorable day in my life. It was life your relatives coming here to visit you knowing that you are all alone in a new country. Tears welled up my two tiny eyes, when he spoke to us about our stay here and studies. Later the next day, we attended His two talks and it was a great chance to see and hear Him speak.
So  I have not words to say how grateful I am to the University. I was really able to see the United States of America from this University. I came here expecting lots of new things to learn and I feel I got whatever I wanted. I will go back with lots of things to share with my family, my colleagues and my students. U also want my students and daughters to come and experience some life in UNI.
I came here empty handed but now I am going back home with in fact a handful of knowledge, experience and above all good memories. I wish my students and my daughters could come here so that they can also get the same good experience I have got.
Thank You UNI. UNI is really a home away from Home.